The Occupation of the Chemist-Bacteriologist-Parasitologist ... ¿Has limits?

Seven decades ago the new National Polytechnical Institute was organized by the President Lázaro Cárdenas to develop the technical human resources needed for the post-revolutionary Mexico. Among the under-graduated and graduated studies undertaken was the field of chemistry-bacteriology-parasitology as an integrated field.

Curiously enough around 1975 Harlyn O. Halvorson the well known Bacteriologist in the USA advocated an article published in 'Bacteriologist Reviews' the need for a new kind of Bacteriologist that broke the growing specialization having more brought coverage in his occupations, which he hold the hybrid Bacteriologist. He din't know then that in the neighboring country to the South, Mexico, the IPN had already operated for 3 decades precisely that kind of wonder then that the numerous graduates of the mexican 'QBP', due to local unemployment have integrated so well to different institutions in foreign countries, independantly of the labor sector, whereas academically, sanitary, health, industrial and others.

The article in Spanish includes a list (TABLA 1) of fields and positions where the hundreds of mexican graduates currently labor.